Why Massage?

We are exposed to a variety of stressors every day. Most are small and only result in making us more resilient. However, we fall out of balance when those stressors, physical or emotional, become too great.

Massage has been practiced as a healing therapy for centuries in nearly every culture around the world. Regardless of the technique, the ultimate goal of massage & bodywork is to help your body return to a balanced state, free from pain and with greater ease of motion.

Physically, massage can relax tight muscles and improve circulation, nervous function and joint mobility. This increase in the body's fluidity can ease many short and long-term ailments such as back pain, arthritis and headaches.

The subtler benefits of massage extend into the territory of emotional and psychological gains that, despite being virtually impossible to define or measure, are surprisingly potent.

Touch is one of the primal needs of every human being. At an emotional level, massage can provide the caring, non-intrusive touch that soothes the busy mind, reduces stress and makes us feel whole again.

Our bodies form themselves around who, and how, we are inside. From birth they register all our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, traumas, joys: we literally embody everything we have ever experienced. Pain and suffering - physical and emotional - can become trapped in the body if we are unable to let it go. At a deeper level, massage can release the personal history that we store in our tissues. This may effect powerful changes in our energy and prove a vital alchemical ingredient in each person's process of growth.

What is Holistic Massage & Bodywork?

Holistic massage draws techniques from many traditions, combining them with natural sensitivity to meet the needs of each individual as a whole and should be seen as a nurturing process of touch and response.

Because people come to massage for a variety of reasons - to relax, manage stress, improve well-being; for specific aches and pains or to complement other therapies and because every individual is unique, every session is different and will unfold to suit you, your needs at that time, what we have talked about and what happens as I work with you.

I am focused on the outcome of my treatments and so the selection and application of techniques I use may include:

  • long flowing strokes

  • deep, probing, engaged work

  • light, rhythmic, soothing touch

  • invigorating movement and stretches

  • gentle, still, balancing holds

  • stretching

  • joint mobilization

  • lymph drainage

  • energy breath work

You have come for a treatment and have hopefully left feeling better than when you arrived! As you start to improve you have a decision to make. Do you continue with maintenance sessions to allow the body the time and support necessary to fully heal or do you stick with a one-off session and abandon the investment made so far?

I believe the most effective and enduring work is achieved when we work together within a series of treatments, adapting and changing each treatment as we discover together what your body needs to become more efficient for you. By recognising that taking care of your body is a lifelong commitment, and not just something you do when things go wrong, you will start to understand the importance of receiving regular treatments even if things feel ok.

Massage is a therapy that can help you take a more pro-active approach to your health. Having a regular massage will have a ripple effect in bringing a sense of balance and well being to your life.

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